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"Gypsy Fair" Documentary

Image of "Gypsy Fair" Documentary

£14.99 - On Sale worked with a group of young English Gypsies and Irish Travellers over two years to create a film portrait of their generation, through visits to the annual Appleby Fair. 30,000 Gypsies and Travellers gather each year in a small rural town in Cumbria.

Appleby Fair is the UK's oldest and most popular Gypsy festival in Europe. It looks behind the customs of the community to explore the tensions that surface when Romany and Irish Traveller cultures mix with the residents of the small rural town of Appleby.

The film reveals some very traditional Gypsy values versus modern lifestyle trends; offering candid interviews with members of this often unheard community. The families invite the listener into top of the range caravans, and sit down with their extended family to talk about their family history. They reveal why young Travellers and Gypsies still keep horses and breed animals today and dress in their unique fashion.

Young musicians from the website provide an excellent soundtrack to the film, which was funded by the Heritage Lottery.

Format: DVD
Running Time: 50 minutes

The film is only for private home use only and prohibits any other use, copying, reproduction or performance in public, in whole or in part.